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LIVE - Champions League Final
If you haven't got a subscription to BTsport - you can watch the final live on YouTube
I feel that I want to watch this - and probably will - but I dislike both these teams and wish that they could both lose.  On balance, the depth of my dislike for Spurs and the fact that the Liverpool supporters are miles better (on the whole), should tilt me in favour of a Liverpool victory, albeit reluctantly (it has a lot to do with BBC Match of the Day, Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson from years gone by).  However I can just see that dick Sissoko spawning a winning goal for Spurs in the 96th minute.  Ho hum come on the 'pool!
Its a much easier choice for me given my extreme disdain for the arrogant little totts

Liverpool just have to win

Liverpool all the way for me just because of the Rafa connection and i hate Totts.
I’d settle for a good game..... this is rubbish, totally bored! Bart
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.

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