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Light at the end of the tunnel.....
Reports all over that the half brother of Man City owner has concluded purchase of Newcastle United for 350M.  Eyes Eyes
I won't believe anything until it happens especially just as a transfer window opens..... but i'll be awake all night now .... Ashley you wanker  feck
Likewise, I am not getting my hopes up. But damn this is sounding like the real thing
Club is not commenting in either direction so far
Just been on SSN and read about it and it's only paper talk from The Sun of all tossers. Well at least i'll sleep now knowing it's just another Ashley stalling plan for yet another season...... Bye bye Rafa.
Update: Nearly all media outlets are now reporting the takeover, but still **NO** confirmation, and I dont expect we will know anything definitive till tomorrow or later. FYI, this is the same guy that tried to purchase Liverpool in summer of 2018. He and a group of Chinese business men were trying to buy them from the American business man John Henry, Liverpools majority shareholder. Whether this is the same group, Sheikh Khaled himself, or another group, we do not know yet.
This is who is meant to be buying us.....

[Image: 61254741_10161458820025467_4187506784757...e=5D5F5C4F]
His personal wealth is unclear, but his family Al Nahyan, the rulers of Abu Dhabi, is worth 150B pounds
He offered Liverpool 2B for their club, which was rejected, cocky bastards. He probably carries 350M in his pocket.

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