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Popcorn Time!
Thanks to Sky TV, looking forward to putting feet up and watching the mackems trying to claw their way out of the THIRD DIVISION via the play-offs

Hopefully the far superior Portsmouth will put them in their place in the first game tonight

Rock On Rock On Rock On

Come on Pompey!

The most money spent in the 3rd division ever by a club only to finish 5th.  LOL!

Up the Pompey
[Image: 60076896_10219619650710367_4922059296042...e=5D7085C8]
Somehow they managed to scrape a 1-0 win

Apart from the Chris Maguire blokey, they were shite

Can't see 1-0 being enough for the second leg

[Image: village-of-the-damned.jpg]

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