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Well what do you think will happen in the Rondon situation Fat Boy had the chance to sign Rondon for 16.5 million at the start of this season but as usual said no and a loan deal was made now however after Rondon getting player of the season with the TOON there is a great possibility that the price will rise to 22 Million if WBA gain promotion to the Premier League so will Fat Lad pay that for a 29-year-old I for one have my doubt's and this may be one of many sticking points on Rafa's decision on whether to stay with the TOON, thoughts?

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
I cant see Ashley shelling out £16.5m for Rondon. If he was 24 then maybe.

It could be the sticking point for Rafa re-signing though
I don't think we'll see Rondon in B&W next season.

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