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Liverpool Home
I might be bitter and twisted but I've waited half my lifetime for the chance for revenge.  Sky's "game of the century" in 96, which probably cost us the title.  Our history would have been completely different if we had managed to hold on to the end.  I still have nightmares seeing Keegan slumped over the barrier.

I know we will probably get thumpted but I would love to stop them winning the title.

What odds on us winning 4-3 with a 92min winner?
I feel the same as you tache. Would love it just love it if we beat them like we did against citeh. But I think the team doesn't have the same dynamic without Almiron. But here's hoping.
We may have an advantage with them having played CL football in the week, but its hard to see us beating them even if their second string is on. I honestly would probably just give subs and youngsters a chance for our final 2.
As much as it pains me to say it as I find them intolerable as a club and a fanbase... I thought they were bang unlucky agaisnt Barcelona and actually had control of that game in large parts. They created so many chances against Barcelona, that if they do the same to us, there is no way they will miss the sort of opportunities they did on Wednesday night.

This Rafa to PSG story and the traction that seems to have gained has really sapped my enthusiasm for this end of season run. If the 110 million over 2 years rumours are correct (on players of the right age... of course...) then I think this will be the last time we see Rafa in the dugout, I don't see that being enough for what Rafa wants to do with the club and we face a worrying pre-season.

I genuinely thought we might be staring down the barrel of David Wagner this summer, but thankfully Shalke have taken that burden off us. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a new manager coming in though, and I fully expect them to be ripped straight from Dutch/German football as Ashley tries to cash in on this young, up and coming manager wave that has seen success at other clubs.

I am going for 0-3.
Well done Sky Sports

A good comedy programme on before the Liverpool match.

Southend v the mackems

Popcorn ready!

[Image: Liverpool2.jpg]
You can't defend like that and expect to win anything. One of the worst games I have seen Lacelles have, he is supposed to be our commanding centre back and the defence looked like it had no leadership or organisation today. General play we did well but as it panned out we could have got at least a point from that game.
Defensive errors gifted them the points.

We missed Lejeune

Having said that, we created enough chances to have scored 5 or 6

Wish Ritchie hadn’t given away that daft free kick

Must be a new rule just for Liverpool btw - they can handle on the line but no red card, not even yellow

Didn't expect anything from the game but some of our defending was amateur ... Lascelles is the worst CB we have after Clark and he needs replaced let alone be our captain. When we were going forward with purpose we looked good and troubled them. Hope Rafa see's past the persona which is Lascelles and gets rid and is allowed to improve the squad for next season.
Robbed of at least a point their free-kick  should not have been as it was quite obvious that Fabhino dramatic dive was NOT a free kick which enabled Pool to score the winner there were so many ups and downs in this game but all in all I was pleased with the way the TOON was set up and had lady luck or quality refereeing we would of and should have got something out of this game, oh well maybe next season. HWTL

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.

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