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Brighton (a)
Just relax and enjoy your footy lads!

[Image: brighton-away.jpg]
We should have put that game away in the first half. Oh well, win, draw, or lose it wouldnt have made a difference for us. One thing noticeable for me is how shit Kenedy is now, and Perez and Almiron are so key for us.
Yep, definitely a game of two halves!  
Hope Perez is fit for the Liverpool game because our 'B' team, on today's showing, will be thrashed!
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
Disappointed with the second-half performance, 'though I can't believe this lot beat us at St. James', however if this is the one game that sees that total fucking arsehole of a cunt's cunty faced cunt Neil Warnock get relegated, then I would be very happy indeed.  The depth of my hatred for that snot in human form knows no end.  On the other hand, Chris Hughton has black and white hair.  Just sayin'...

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