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The Future?
Reet I know that we are not yet mathematically safe just yet however I think it is just a matter of a couple of weeks away which brings me to the question. 

The Future 

We are going to be stuck with the fat boy for a  significant time so will he change in his outlook on his business? I for one don't think so, Rafa has made it quite clear unless the investment is guaranteed to him for transfers, rebuilding of the Acadamy and a more constructive ethos in the club he will not sign a new contract and I would not blame him. Now should MA open the purse strings and we don't want little clauses like only buy players with a sell on value as in most industries you need experienced professionals to help the younger members of staff to settle in quicker and learn. Now should MA agree to all this (Pigs will fly) what or how many new recruits are needed to not only sustain our Premier League status but to also compete in Cups etc now I know we won't have a budget to compete with any of the top 8 but realistically I would hope of budget in the 75-80 Million which I believe would satisfy Raffa however this must be stipulated that it is not just a one-off and that guaranteed funds are made available to Rafa every season funds that the Club makes that was promised before.

We have been linked with a lot of players as usual silly season is usually June, July and August but I can't help thinking is this the time that things start afresh and we start to compete again, how many years have we been saying this  Bart  anyway what your thoughts will we Cheering or Drowning in wor drink.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Ashley stays = treading water

Ashley is interested in high street investments, our club has been thrown on the scrap heap with Benitez being the only hope of getting anything out of Ashley in terms of funds. If he has to keep banging his head on a wall he won't put up with it much longer either.

If Benitez stays and gets a bit of money to play with through the sale of Shelvey and Ashley investing a fraction of what the club generates back into transfers, we can look to try and finish 10th again. If Benitez goes then who knows what will happen, I suspect a player exodus as I am sure there are a handful of players who are sticking around to be coached by Benitez.

We will just about stay up, but we will be here again in 12 months time in a not too dissimilar position.
Personally I don't see much changing. Its coming up to 12 years and he's shown no will to do things properly so far, so why would I expect any different now? I will be pleasantly surprised if Rafa is here next season. Hope I'm wrong.

A famous bloke once said "study the past if you would define the future".
I agree with what has already been said.... i can't see Ashley changing his ways at all. I also expect Rafa to walk and we'll be back to having another Ashley yes man in charge.
Im in agreement that I dont see anything changing ownership-wise anytime soon. Hopefully if we can keep Rafa he can build his team and solidify a middle spot in the Premier League. I think thats the best we can hope for.

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