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Arsenal (a)
Nice easy game tonight

On Sky for those of us who aren't travelling to London

3 points from this and we can relax thanks to Cardiff being robbed yesterday 

Team news, comments, anger etc inhere please folks!

I'll settle for a 1-1
[Image: arsenal.jpg]
Really disappointed so far. On paper that Arsenal defence has to be the worst I have ever seen them field, to not try and put them under any more pressure than we have is extremely poor.

Rondon looks tired and Hayden/Diame are off the pace in midfield. If we can get an extra 10-15% out of those 3 then there is something in this game for us, but playing as we are this will trickle out 2 or 3 nil.
Fingers crossed for the second half

Agree Ghostie - we need to take the fight to them a bit more. Sitting back and inviting them to come at us plays right into Arsenal’s hands.
That was a shambolic embarrassment. If they have an ounce of decency, they will refund the fans who travelled as that was a shameful joke of a performance.

I thought we'd seen the back of those sorts of games, win, lose or draw I didn't expect that, beyond poor.
I have to feel it for the fans who did a 600 mile round trip on a Mon night to endure that.....We hardly got going at all and didn't have the fight we normally have. Played out a game that they already had lost mentally before kick off. ... I agree the fans need refunded.

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