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Bournemouth (a)
[Image: bournemouth.jpg]
Rondon 1-0 just before half time

And we should have had a penalty before that - Mike Dean cocks up again
That was a fine free-kick.
Soft penalty given by Dean 

Fernandez with his arm around somebody's shoulder! See it all the time in every game.

Funny how that happened to Dubravka the other week but nowt was done

...and that was a stupid penalty to concede.
Think a Toon fan must have strangled Mike Dean's budgie when he was a bairn.

Bastard hates us

We're a bit of a shambles at the moment.
(16-03-2019, 05:20 PM)Mick Wrote: Think a Toon fan must have strangled Mike Dean's budgie when he was a bairn.

b*st*rd hates us


Not just us Mick, he is a c*nt of the highest order. I think every team at some point or another has been done by one of his stupid decisions where he creates a situation that just isn't there.

That's why Pochettino got his ban, he kept saying to him "you know what you are" in an aggressive manner. I presume he meant cheat, but you could sub in prick, c*nt, tw*t, smug supercilious toss pot, take your pick!

I absolute detest him, one of the worst referees in the Premier League and he has been for a long, long time.

Back to the game, I'll take that, the conditions were poor and I didn't think we tested them anywhere near enough in the first half when we had the conditions in our favour. Didn't really see an equaliser coming and I wish Ritchie would use that wand a bit more than he does as far as shooting at goal is concerned, but overall a point down there is a good point and on to the next game.
[Image: bournemouth-stats.png]

Just been looking at Cardiff's remaining fixtures. They'll be lucky to get to 35 - I think we're safe already TBH

Rock On
The reality is we should have been playing 10 men and ended up playing 12. Dean cost us the win here. Yes their second was shoddy defending, but we were robbed by a crap ref display again. Two games in a row we should have had a player advantage, this time it cost us. However the team dug deep and scored two great goals.

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