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Everton (h)
People are saying this will be a hard game.

But the scousers are only 2 wins better off than us - and I reckon our defence is better than theirs


All comments, thoughts etc in here please folks

I'll be slumming it again in the Platinum Club  Big Grin

It's a winnable game without a doubt, I just wonder if our momentum has been halted with the West Ham game. We tend to play well in groups of games, followed by a group of games where we struggle.

I think Diame being back in well help give us more drive from midfield, it's just a shame he isn't play alongside Longstaff.

I am going to go for a 2-1 home win.
No way should Pickford still be on the pitch.
What a fecking goal that was.
Of course Everton will score again in the time that's been added on because they've been wasting so much of it.  3 - 2
Well that was an escape Pickford should have walked and wor third goal was a bit dubious with Rondon looking offside after his pass to Perez still though I'm not bothered as we rarely get the rub of dice anyway onwards and upwards HWTL

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Gerrin and feck you Marco Silva; if it wasn't for the existence of that human spunk stain Neil Warnock you'd get my vote for the cuntiest of all Premier League managers.  A very special 'I hope you spend the rest of your life looking like the pr*ck you currently do', to Jordan "For the Camera" Pickford.  Ha, ha bloody ha; we were absolutely awful for at least half that match yet still we won.  Funny thing is, their manager and goalie apart, I really quite like Everton.
Good fight back. And obviously tit for tat on the Pickford tackle vs or offside. fecking hell ask anyone and they rather have a missed offside compared to the goalkeeper getting red. HWTL
Well that was fun!

I thought we looked dead and buried at half time - but when Rafa swapped Lascelles for dicefoot at half time and went for a flat back four we started to play.

Pickford was lucky to stay on, but in some ways that was good for us as he was all over the place in the second half and we cashed in.

Good job we did win it given results elsewhere with Cardiff, Southampton and Brighton all winning.

Best chant today:

Cheer up Jordan Pickford
Oh what can it mean to a
Sad mackem b*st*rd and a
sh*t football team

[Image: pickford.jpg]

Didn't have the luxury of seeing this today as i was in Mick's neck of the woods playing 2 rounds of golf at the beautiful Alnwick golf club. 

Really looking forward to MOTD tonight ..... great comeback from the lads.... HWTL  notworthy

EDIT ...... Just watched it ... what a horrible little mackem b*st*rd that Pickford is. Should've been off and their reserve keeper facing Ritchie's penalty. 

I agree that Rondon was offside for Perez's winner but we should've been playing most of the game against 10 men so up yours Everton and up yours Pickford you tw*t.

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