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Typical NUFC; endeavouring to turn a one man advantage into a millstone round their necks.
Decent match, but the scoreline wasn't good enough.  We missed too many very good chances to be completely happy with that result.  Just about any other team in the division would have put us under more pressure - even with 10 men - and those misses might have proved costly.  Oh, and somebody needs to tell our centre-backs that DeAndre Yedlin is on the pitch; one of the reasons that we labour so much to get the ball out of defence - and we did too often today - is that these guys won't look around them for the pass that gives us possession in the opposition's half.  Schär in particular was always looking to pass the ball through the middle and usually had his back turned to Yedlin out on his right; Lejeune on the other hand was attempting (and succeeding), superhuman diagonal cross-pitch 50 - 70 metre passes to our right back.  What was that all about?.  Still, for a change, an enjoyable 90 minutes of football from NUFC (on the whole).
Happy with the win and agree that we should've scored more goals. Great home debut for Almiron btw and i dare say it won't be long before he's adding to our goal tally.
Sorry I didn't do the usual team news etc - but I was actually at the game "poshing it" in the Platinum Club  Tongue

Boy, the chances eh?

Have to say, Almiron looks a useful addition - and even Perez seemed to benefit from having him alongside.

Hopefully, we showed that we now have goal potential to go with what has gradually become one of the strongest defences in the Premier League.

Kenedy looked like he's back to form when he came on too - which is another positive for Rafa.

Burnley will be a much stiffer test - but if we do manage to get 3 points out of that one, I really think we will greatly ease any thoughts of relegation.

Well I have to say what a great debut for Almiron he looks something special however I think plaudits must be had for wor local lad, Longstaff, he was immense and I think that come the Summer one or two of the big boys will come knocking on Rafa's door to make an offer which Fat Boy will grab and put us back to square one. Mick I also had a chance to go to the match watching from a private box however I turned it down because it would be hypocritical of me to attend whilst Fatty is still here I have to say though I was very tempted.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
There were a lot of positives, with the only real negative being the score line based on the chances created.

You know 9 times out of 10 though that Rondon would head that in from 6 yards, and Perez would have taken one of his other many chances. The pleasing thing for me was how many chances we created, as that is something you can replicate from game to game. If you are not creating chances, that's when you have a real problem. We were wasteful, but it's a really positive sign that we are now getting into positions where we weren't doing previously.

A big part of this was obviously Almiron, who has settled in instantly and looks to have developed a relationship with Perez straight from the off. He is a level above anyone we have had in recent memory in terms of his football brain in the final 3rd, and it showed a few times where he played Perez in, but when the one two was Almiron to Perez, Perez didn't always see the return pass. That might come in time, it might not, but it certainly looks really promising. To top this off he has the work ethic to go with it so he doesn't need to be shoved into the number 10 position, he can actually play in the 3 man midfield.

Overall I was really impressed, even if it was 10 man Huddersfield. We are in for a real test tomorrow night, but as Mick said, a win here and we are a large step toward safety.
Definitely, great morale boost for us. Hopefully we can finish off Burnely and really start looking to solidify a stay in the EPL.

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