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Wolves on Monday...
Almiron looks bloody quick and his first instinct was to run with the ball. He also tracked back and worked hard.

Once again its points conceded at the end. Yes we can blame the ref, Dubravka, 95mins or whatever, but we seem incabable of concentrating until the end withoiut giving the ball away. Also every time we concede a corner or a cross comes in there is a sense of panic. We shouldn't be this vunerable with three big CB's.

Also its a worry the Rafa prefered Manquillo on the bench to Barreca.
Have to admit, at the time I thought Dubravka simply lost the flight of the ball.  Now that I've seen the pictures I have concluded that Dubravka did lose the flight of the ball; because their player put his hands over Dubravka's eyes.  It was a foul all night fecking long.  My apologies to our 'keeper.

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