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Miguel Almiron
Well i'm hoping this deal is finalised today...... he reminds me a little bit of Ben Arfa

Well we've got him.
Saw this from a fan out in the States....

Living in the states I have watched Miguel Almirón play numerous times. 

In the plus column he is one of the best young players in the MLS. Quick, skilful, hits a great free kick. I can see him playing well just in behind Rondon.
His negatives, he's lightweight. Will spend a lot of the time on the ground (hopefully will win us free kicks) but it can get frustrating.
He is a better version of Ayoze Perez but how long it will take him to adapt to the Premiership is anyone's guess....he spent his entire MLS career playing on artificial turf in a controlled climate in Atlanta....St James Park in February it is not.
This is not like moving from the championship into the Premiership this is a whole different world to what the lad was used to in Paraguay and Atlanta. 
Finger crossed he hits the ground running but I think he's gonna need some's certainly an intriguing buy but the club is certainly rolling the dice on this one.
I am excited by the prospect of him coming in but another Ben Arfa? The last thing we need is that, we need someone up for the battle, someone who turns up every week, not someone who is just a YouTube highlight reel against rubbish defences.

Our club has been a graveyard for a lot of highly thought of attacking players in the past, we have signed some absolute duds and also some players who have come with a good reputation, not done anything and then gone on to earn their reputation back elsewhere. Also, Benitez has a habit of wanting his players to play a very specific way, and until he has worked with a player and the player has bought into that, it's completely up in the air as to how he will turn out.

For those reason I am keeping my feet on the ground until we have seen Almiron play. Got everything crossed he will be the number 10 we have been crying out for.
"He is a better version of Ayoze Perez"

Feck me - I've got blocks of wood in my shed that are better than Perez  ROFL

If this new lad is any good he'll only be with us till the summer, then fatboy will sell him to Liverpool for £30M and use the money to put down a deposit on Marks & feckin Spencer

Lost It
I think he will do well, but also may be hurt by Benetiz style of play. He is a very creative player, and honestly i was surprised he chose England over Germany. The physical side of the EPL will be his biggest challenge. Versus the mid to lower teams, I could see him picking them apart. Vs the top 6 EPL teams, he may very well struggle. But if he adapts well, we will see our forwards get a lot more chances.
I think we have unearthed a Pocket Rocket of a player where Rondon will reap the benefits my only concern is that he is very lightweight and could struggle against more robust  defenders but on saying that they have to catch him first, he is technically from what I've seen on Youtube a very gifted player who can dribble the ball and use both feet and very importantly he runs all day attacking and defending  he is what we have needed for a long time a number 10 with vision. Not often that I particularly, say this, but, things are looking up despite the need to rid worselves of the Leach. Why has it taken so long?

Beer Beer Beer Beer

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Lets face it he's an unknown. Until he plays a few games and we can see what we have gotten then its all just hope. But, hope is what we need at the minute. Lets pray he's a Beardsley and not a Cabella.
(01-02-2019, 10:33 AM)mickyquinnstache Wrote: Lets face it he's an unknown.  Until he plays a few games and we can see what we have gotten then its all just hope.  But, hope is what we need at the minute.  Lets pray he's a Beardsley and not a Cabella.

This. He tore apart the MLS the last 3 years, but so did Cabella and Thauvin with the French League. Its all football, but the styles are very different, in about each country. Dont expect miracles from him, but if he does adapt well, he will be filling a massive hole we've had since Wijnaldum left

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