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Why Fatboy Won't Sell
I don't think Ashley had/has any intention of selling his cash cow.

But even if he did want to, which potential owner is going to accept Ashley's terms:

- he wants to retain sh*t-direct advertising at SJP

- he wants to retain the land behind the Gallowgate for commercial development, thus ruling out any chance of ground expansion

- he wants to keep the shop at the ground

No wonder no-one is interested in buying us!

He want £300m when anyone interested so far has valued it sub £250m
Right lads, I have tried to tell you all about fat boy before so I won't go into it again apart from what he is systematically doing at OUR club if this had been a Couple He/She would have been accused of Rape! and locked up, because he taking assets worth a bit from the Club and using it to finance his High Street Rape!!! the man has no intention of funding the TOON and is happy that still 50k attend week in week out unless there is a mass season boycott we are stuck with this leach.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
100% agree. Unfortunately though it won't happen. He could level the place and turn it into Asda and 40k would still turn up to watch. Easy for me to say thoiugh, I chucked going long ago. I won't give him or the club a penny of my money and won't return until he fecks off.
I also agree and won't spend another penny to fund this tyrant who uses our club to fund his other interests .... i watch games on tv and streams etc but won't buy tickets and won't buy any merchandise .

I also have to say that unless there is a massive change in the fans attitude towards this matter then nothing at all will change. I can't be accused of not playing my part as i simply don't give him any of my money and until he isn't making money then he won't let go.

The biggest way to hit him would be for nobody to renew their season ticket and not to buy anything that's channelled through the club which is SD in disguise. As long as he's funded by fans and the TV money he'll not move. 

Not like me at all to wish such things but i don't think i'll see the back of this b*st*rd until he has a fatality.
I have said before I feel uncomfortable criticising match going supporters as I too now watch on TV and stream games...

However... it boils down to this. If the fans really want change:

Stop going
Stop buying club merchandise
Stop buying Sports Direct merchandise

If they don't want change, keep turning up and singing songs about him, it's water off a ducks back and he is laughing at you.

If everyone did this and the whole thing was boycotted, he'd eventually have no choice but to sell up. Sky won't want to televise in an empty ground and neither will foreign TV channels. One fan doing this won't make a difference, 50 thousand doing it every week will.

It's that simple, it just won't happen. All I can say is, don't complain about him if you are still party to it, I salute you for supporting the club, but you are doing it no favours in the long run.

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