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Watford (h) FA Cup
Don't know about you, but I just couldn't be arsed about this Watford fixture yesterday.

(Long) Gone are the days when Newcastle United were a force to be feared in the FA Cup.

There's no way we are going to win the cup with our current owner & squad - so games like yesterday are pointless in my book. Why risk injuries etc for nothing?

We've got 15 games left to stay in the EPL.

Having said that, going down has it's good side too - Ashley loses Sky money, club less valuable so more saleable and we start playing teams we have a chance of beating.

We'll probably stay up by the skin of our teeth. What's the point though? Another relegation scrap next year? More uninspiring football with a team of journeymen who lack the basics to lift us to the next level. More frustration that this owner won't release the funds to let us progress. This constant sitting in limbo has worn me down. I'm at the verge of giving up.
I disagree about the cup. I thought it was a chance to keep momentum going at a time where we have won a couple of games and have two really tough games coming up, where a point from either would be incredible. Instead though, Rafa chose to start with Kenedy, Joselu and Murphy. I keep saying it but I can't recall a worse squad in our time in the Premier League that plays a more awful brand of football. Pardew, Allardyce, Kinnear, Roeder, Carver, you name any of those that setup like the way we do now and the fans would be slaughtering them.

It looks to me like Rafa is trying to preserve his own reputation by not having a relegation on it, and by trying to preserve that, he is willing to put everything else to one side. The fact we still have 34 plus thousand turn up for cup games shows that the fans would have liked to have gone through. Said it all really when we are desperate for a goal in the last 15 minutes but Rondon stayed on the bench, in that one single non-substitution you get to know everything about what Rafa thought about that game, he couldn't give a flying stuff that we went out.

Man City will win by 2 or 3 goals comfortably and Spurs will do the same, then all of a sudden we are 3 straight defeats and confidence at rock bottom again. Looking at the bigger picture you could argue that momentum was as important as anything going into that Watford game, but his team selection was a throw before the match even started.

Going back to Joselu and Kenedy, wow, I mean really wow, these guys made it as professional footballers? Never seen two more sorry excuses for players in my life, they are beyond abysmal. Kenedy can't control the ball, let alone pass it or shoot. Joselu is almost funny, he is that bad, you'd laugh if it wasn't your own club fielding him. Regardless of funds available, Rafa chose to bring these two players to the club and the pair of them would struggle to get into a League 1 side, they are that bad.
WTF has happed to Kenedy? He looked half decent a year ago. I was gutted when we didn't cough up £20m to sign him! He has turned dogshit. Joselu? Don't know where to start. He's stealing a living. Murphy, was okay at Norwich and had potential. Gone backwards.

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