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Christ sake's, we need 3 points here.
How easy is this.
Good win for us. On to the next game
Were gona win the league, were gona win the league and now you better believe us lol

Great win much needed.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Had tickets for the posh bit today

Good all-round team performance in my book

Rondon & Schar in particular were excellent.

Even Perez had a canny game

I can't believe it... I enjoyed the game!

Lejeune at the back has really strengthened the back 3, it was like him and Lascelles all over again from last season, we looked solid at the back for one of the first times this season. It was hard to pick a poor performer, and we had a midfield partnership with all due respect, of Hayden and Longstaff.

I thought Rondon was a beast up top, really allowed everyone to build off him, and I am still convinced Schar is too good on the ball to play in a back 3! Him stepping up, taking on the responsibility and committing Cardiff's players is something we haven't seen enough of our players do this season. He cut inside and attacked better than any of our wide players ever do.

Needed the 3 points and it never looked in doubt today, I just hope they can build on this and use it as the confidence boost we desperately needed for the City and Spurs games.
Can't disagree with all thats been said. Rondon was a beast, Schar was outstanding but we aren't gonna play Cardiff every week. They have to be a certainty to go down they are dreadful. But 3pts was a must and we bossed it.... great job lads.

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