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Cup competitions
Look at the Blackburn game how we played a weakened side. We went 1-0 down and had to put some better players on to get a 1-1 draw that was the last result we needed.

Now bare with me....

Rafa wouldn't get stoned to death if we went down due to lack of investment ........ but he would be deemed a hero if he got us to a final or semi final with the piss poor squad that we have. It would also be a huge 2 fingers up to the owner who only cares about PL safety. 

I'd back Rafa with a defiant approach to the cups and try to go for it. Especially the League Cup which is far more winnable. (Yes i know we're out of it) but do you get my drift ?
Rafa has (rightly) moaned about a lack of investment and said we play the way we do because of the players we have available. For me, the Blackburn was a chance to show the way he would like to play with the right investment, and yet we turned up and played the same way as we do every game, negative and over cautious. I'm starting to question what he is doing here more and more and if the rumours are true about him sacking his agent of his exist clause from his current contract, then that would confirm he is going through the motions and that is exactly how it looks on the pitch as well.

We have been brainwashed by Rafa into thinking this is as good as it gets, yet we know from seeing this same group of players (arguably stronger on the whole) last season, they can deliver more than what they are currently. We surrendered possession to Blackburn Rovers for crying out load, in front of our own supporters we went in at half time with less possession than they did! By that logic, does that mean Rafa would be happier with the Blacbkburn squad than the one we currently have?! Give us a break, I know a lot have fallen for the "this is as good as it gets because Rafa said so" malarkey, but it's ridiculous to think the players at Rafa's disposal on Saturday were only good enough to camp in against a bang average lower league side.

We know the players are not top half of the table quality, but just how much has Rafa convinced everyone into thinking they are so bad, that this is the level our expectations should be set to?! In doing so, just how many of those players have taken this as an excuse to not perform and effectively give him the middle finger? Is Kenedy this poor? Is Murphy this poor? Why did he wave Mitrovic out of the club when he would clearly still have a part to play now? For me there are more and more questions being raised about the way Rafa is going about his business. His constant negativity which he is trying to pass off as realism is really clouding everything at present.

Not too long a go though I thought Rafa leaving would be the death of us as far as being a Premier League side, now though I'm not too sure. Just ask yourself this question, take his past exploits out of the equation and stick Alan Pardew, John Carver or Joe Kinnear in that dugout, what would you be pushing for right now?

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