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Blackburn Rovers FAC Round 3
This.  Is.  Torture.
These players would barely make it into a Championship starting lineup. God awful
Back fired big style.... played a weak side coz we're depleted yet put players on to get a draw .... now we have a replay that we were desperate to avoid.
Totally useless started watching the game and after the first half got so bored switched it off I have never before switched off watching a TOON match but this was torture I saw that Blackburn had taken the lead as I was flicking through the channels and left it at that expecting the inevitable defeat so I went to bed not knowing the final score only to be surprised and a little shocked to see that we had drawn the game, watched the highlights on Match of the Day and was pleased that I did not watch the whole match live on another note MOTD is sh*te so politically correct with all the Women taking over the commentary why do I have to pay for a TV Licence for that dross is beyond me.

We as a club are in the deep do do and as supporters have nothing to look forward to apart from a season of relegation battles so pissed off Thankyou Ashley you b*st*rd!!!!

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Replay on the telly Tuesday 7.45pm

BT Sport

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