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Watford draw..
Shame we lost 2 points, but glad for the draw. We really have to go 2-3 up to be assured of 3 points this year.
Shelvey is a disgrace. He came off the bench, put absolutely zero effort in, and for the goal, he just let Doucoure drift off the back of him for the equaliser when they were practically level approaching the edge of the box. We looked compact and defended well until Shelvey came on. The absolute bare minimum is effort, and yet Shelvey clearly hasn't learned from his c*ck up against Bournemouth last season when he did exactly the same thing.

Whether we deserved all 3 points is another story, however to throw it away due to a lazy player who couldn't be bothered to do a basic function such as follow a midfielder back into the box to defended a basic cross is unforgivable. I used to be a Shelvey advocate, but the introduction of Ki and days like today make me think we are a better functioning side without him.

Central midfield my ass, he doesn't have the work rate for it.
I'd have to say that Ritchie did more for us down the left in this game than Kenedy has done all season. I think Ritchie has to take some blame for the goal against us but this is all down to Rafa's style of play where everyone must be a faultless defender as well as doing their own job.

It's getting a bit tedious now .... we as fans already dread scoring first as we know that we spend the rest of the game trying to hang on knowing too well the inevitable equaliser is on it's way.

I understand that our squad is limited but i still don't think we need to sit back as much as we do.

Sorry for sounding greedy here but it was 2pts dropped today for me as time is running out and with the teams around us picking up 3pts it was very much an opportunity missed. Plus our up and coming fixtures are unwinnable ..... 3pts were a must today.... it's squeaky bum time..... See you all in the Championship folks with our tailor-made squad.

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