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Liverpool (a)
[Image: liverpool.png]
Getting right and properly beat. Honestly this is more equivalent to Gateshead playing ManCity.
Got what we deserved absolutely nothing. I never expected us to attack them as Rafa wouldn't do that anyway but we were so lacklustre and hardly got out of our own half 2nd half. We really are very poor and predictable.
You see Joselu, Hayden and Kenedy on the team sheet and what can you expect. We set up to lose by a narrow margin and ended up on the end of a 4-0 defeat which we deserved. Absolutely zero ambition and you know that when Joselu is in the starting 11. I know I bang on about Joselu but I don't think I have ever seen such a sorry excuse for a footballer in my life. He in the team to lead the line, hold up the ball and score goals... yet he doesn't do any of that, so why is he in the team?! Drag a youngster from the under 23's, play Murphy or Atsu up front, just anything other than Joselu, anything.

Right now resting Rondon is basically like throwing a game, without him in the team we are not going to score goals. We basically said to Liverpool today, we don't actually think we can get anything so see how many you score and congratulations along the way.

This might sound petty but at the end it looked like Dummett went to swap shirts with Salah, yet after the way he dived I'd only go over to him at the end to tell him what an embarrassment he was. Really poor after a 4-0 defeat to have your own team mates rushing for shirts from opposing players. I expected a loss today, but the manner in which it happened both from a team selection, tactical and general annoyance perspective, it has irked me as much as any loss has in a long time.
Little off topic, but honestly, how good are Liverpool looking right now? Watching this Liverpool-Arsenal game and they are doing about the same with them. Crazy how good Klopp has them playing.

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