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Huddersfield By Gum
'ecky thump

Today sees the mighty United rock up in deepest Yorkshire

Ey up

No doubt to have lumps kicked out of us for 90 mins by the dirty tyke b*stards

All team news, comments etc in here please folks,


[Image: huddersfield3.png]
Painful watch. It looks like we have plucked 11 strangers from Sunday League football and asked them to fill in. No control on the game, no options on the ball and completely out played. The flip side is that when you play so poorly on the ball, you'd like to think there is only one way to go from there... but this is Newcastle so likely more of the same and a narrow defeat on the cards.
[Image: shiny.png]
Better second half, could argue the only genuine decent passage of play fell our way and it was an excellent move. Unbelievable chance for back to back wins again going into January.
This team just rarely ever looks like scoring. When we do its usually something though lol

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