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Wolves (h)

[Image: wolves.png]
What a soft goal to give away FFS

Perez to the rescue! mudsling.gif Big Grin
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
sh*te again

Y’know you’re in trouble when Perez gets man of the match FFS!

You've got to win games like that to stay in this division  feck
I think there are huge questions for Benitez to answer.

The one area of Yedlin's game which is suspect is defensive positioning, so what does Rafa do? Put's him in a back 3, a position notorious for catching out top class central defenders, lets alone attack minded wing backs filling in. What was the point in putting Dummet on the bench if he wasn't able to come on and play? That substitution should have been Dummet into the back 3 and Yedlin remaining as a right wing back. Not only would that have boosted us defensively, but we would have still had Yedlin as an out ball.

The weekly Joselu substitution... please please PLEASE stop this. He comes on, walks around, doesn't hold the ball up, gives the ball away, I'd quite literally take anyone but him. He is as far derived as a useful footballing entity as you are likely to find. So close to the end of the game when Rondon was still doing a job, what on earth was the point? He came on and took the focal point away from our attack and gave us no out ball. What in the flying world of feck does Rafa see in him? He isn't even worth a place on the bench, he is that useless at this level. How do you get to be a manager as distinguished as Rafa putting up with that absolute steaming pile of dog turd. I can't help but feel if he was a young English player that Rafa would have put up with it for half a game and we would have never have seen him again. I can only ascertain from this that the Spanish connection is the sole reason we have to put up with him. We need rid, he is a dreadful excuse for a footballer.

Aside from the usual poor substitutions which we often get from Rafa, I thought Lacelles continued in the same vein we have seen him all season long. He looks either 75% fit or just not as committed as he used to be. There is no excuse for not closing the ball down for the 2nd goal, all the players backed off, but you'd think your captain and centre back would be the one to rectify that. All it needed was someone to go close to him, even if they hadn't won the ball, it would have forced him to change direction and ultimately take away that clear path to goal which we paved. I think he looks poor right now and with all our players fit, he wouldn't get in my starting 11. With Lejuene on his way back, Lacelles drops down to 4th choice for me, he simply isn't up to it this season and he needs to sort himself out.

It was an absolute choker to take that result. It's a long time since we have lost to such a poor team, either home or away. Even at 10 men we should have comfortably held on for the point, and prior to that should have capitalised on just how bad a team they were. This is Newcastle though so what do we expect. A bit of hope built up, and then in two disastrous home defeats, we are back bottom feeding again, looking over our shoulder, hoping that there are 3 teams worse than us. The Huddersfield game is massive and with our home form this season, you could even argue it's a must win game. Between Rafa's uncertain tactics at St. James and a lack of quality in some key areas, I don't know where we can go with our home performances. We are damned if we attacked and damned if we sit back. At least away from home they seem to have a system which the players seem to understand better. I can't say I go into away games expecting anything other than a defeat, but right now it's our best avenue for points.

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