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Everton (A)
No Ritchie for this 1 as he's suspended.
[Image: DtrGQ16WkAElXac.png:large]
Yes Rondon lad 1-0
Fantastic point, didn't see it coming in a million years before kick off and certainly not after seeing the team sheet.

I am a bit disappointed though which is silly... but why on earth do we have players at the club, attacking players, who can't actually shoot with any real conviction? What on earth were those final two efforts from Atsu about? Especially the second one, what a glorious chance to win the game. They battered us for possession and yet Pickford made the best save of the second half.

Got to keep in mind how good a point it is though, although we cocked up for the goal and should have cleared it twice, defensively we were absolutely immense...

… oh and Shar's distribution! What a peg he has on him, it's unreal!
Atsu, Atsu. Atsu ..... happy with the point but dear me he must have no confidence in front of goal. 

Maybe we need a decent forward coach as it isn't just him , it was Perez at the weekend. Or better still new forwards and wide players..... i won't hold my breath.
If it was a coaching issue I am sure other club's would have come in for Perez before now. We just need January to come and Ashley to do his obligatory dip into his pockets to avoid relegation, who knows, he might even find some of the money he pocketed last summer which he promised we could spend then. We are in desperate, desperate need of extra quality up top.

Bottom line is, we've only scored 12 goals this season and right now Rondon is our only real hope of scoring a goal.
Can't see fatso spending on any quality attcking players if i'm honest.... it'll always be bargain basement. Plus we have the obligatory pre transfer window take over story to divert our attention again.

If you want to flick back into the past you'll all see that i wasn't exactly jumping for joy when we gave Atsu a deal. Runs with very little end product ....championship player at best.
I am under no illusions regarding the sale of the club, it is very much same old same old. However to avoid relegation, I think he will hand over 10 million. Whether that allows us to loan someone or for Rafa to pick a hidden gem from somewhere I don't know. I am confident there will be money available, just not a lot of it. This is only because he is frightened of relegation. If we had an extra 4-5 points I don't think he'd spend for one minute.

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