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West Ham (h)
We haven't lost a match since I started going again (on borrowed tickets!)

And the good news is - I'm going again tomorrow!

What with me being there, and Ghostie's magic bottle in the garage - this should be an easy win

I actually think this will be a tough encounter but i hope for a win .... they've bought big but massively under performed ... long may that continue. HWTL IRWT.

Andy Carroll late sub .... game changer   Blush
Hopefully we hold to form and get a win today. We have literally turned the season around but need to put the pedal to the medal to get clear of a tight 11-20 place race.
Well 1-0 down at the half even though i would say we have looked the better team except for at the front, where we have not looked threatening at all
poor performance by us in second half but probably biggest talking point is we have almost nothing in attack. I honestly believe bringing in 2 new forwards is a must.
Summer investment vs no summer investment. We could have played until Christmas Day and still not scored.

Nothing new though, Perez is a dreadful number 10, our one decent delivery from wide position gets substituted for an absolute pile of sh*t player who wouldn't even get into most Championship sides, when Kenedy who couldn't even control the ball for most of the game stayed on instead.

Crap tactics, poor defending, rubbish up front and terrible substitutions.

On to the next game, a real easy one away at Everton....
No complaints from me.

West Ham defended well and hit us effectively on the break.

Sadly most of our chances fell to Perez, who couldn't hit a barn door never mind score a goal.

Never mind


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