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Watford (h)
Yours truly is off down to the Toon today

Got tickets from a friend for the Platinum Club don't y'know arf arf  Big Grin

Will keep in touch via the wonders of my little Samsung tellingbone

LOL have a good time Mick  Beer
HOWAY we got our first win!
Been a long time coming.

Does anyone know why Lascelles and Shelvey were subbed ?

Even Muto hadn't disgraced himself enough to go off in fact i thought if anything was going to happen it was going to be through him.

But never mind Perez came on and got the goal.

I also thought Schar did well when he came on.
Excellent result.  Second half, we looked like the team that managed to finish tenth last season.  The problem is that if we have to rely on Rondon for goals, we are Fecked.  The lad just doesn't look the part.
Cracking result

Watford could have been 4 up by half time but squandered some easy chances woop woop  Big Grin

Boydie - it looked like Shelvey, Muto and Ashley’s mate Lascelles were all substituted because of injury


Whoo, a Sunday where I can smile again thank you TOON. I thought we rode wor luck a bit in the first half but the team battled away to claim an unlikely result this has to bring confidence back to the squad I thought that Ki had a good game when he came on in place of Shelvey and was making things happen Diame on the other hand just wasn't at the races today that bloke seems to blow hot and cold but I am not complaining a win is a win and I will enjoy my Sunday pint even better.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
I agree Geordie, Ki made a big difference when he came on

His short but accurate passing kept the ball and got us moving - a big contrast to Shelvey's "have it" long showboat punts which tend to lose us possession 50% of the time.

Highlight for Ki of course was when Perez couldn't get out of the way and Ki stotted the free kick off his heed to score.

I know Perez scored our goal, but I think Muto offers much more as a No10 behind Rondon up front. They are both good at holding the ball and not being easily barged off it. This gives us more hope of creating chances.

I'll take anything right now, a very much needed 3 points.

It goes to show though, that whilst the team is lacking quality, they are capable of more than what we have seen this season. We were dreadful in the 1st half and so much better in the 2nd. Is it a confidence thing, a motivational thing?! It was chalk and cheese between the two halves and hopefully the bit of confidence the players can take from the win will help in the coming months up until the January transfer window. Tough game next though, a real challenging one!

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