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Shelvey spotted naked
Shelvey was allegedly saw walking around the Bigg Market totally naked and singing ... "You Fat Cockney b*st*rd Get Out Of Our Club", whilst his backside was waving a flag saying, "Please come and sign me Wolves". He was then allegedly joined by Lascelles and Rondon singing, "We've gotta get out of this place".... Dubravka then allegedly turned up wearing a sunlun shirt saying ... "I can't save this shower of shyte any more."

Did i catch anyone's attention enough to either comment on this or even stimulate their minds to talk anything NUFC (good or bad) ?

Looking forward to the onrushing hoards of Toon fans wanting to either wax lyrical or vent their spline's about our current plight or maybe our unfortunate start to the season..... 

Just saying   Blush
I'm resigned to losing most of our games up until January. I think the scare of another relegation will prompt the fat controller to spend some of the money he has pocketed in previous transfer windows to try and prevent this from happening. At that point it will be down to who we can get on a shoe string and whether they will improve the existing first team.

Any games we win between now and the transfer window will be a huge surprise and a nice bonus, but in all honesty, our last chance saloon in terms of attacking comes down to Rondon's fitness and the partnership he might be able to strike up with Muto. Benitez has a love affair with Perez though so I won't be at all surprised to see him start the majority of the games between now and January, as we play the usual Benitez game of trying to hang in there with what he feels comfortable with.

It's a bleak outlook but in all honesty, is anyone genuinely expecting anything different?
I think we're well and truly fooked. Can't see where a goal is coming from never mind a win. We're pinning all our hopes on a bloke who looks injury prone, who only managed 7 goals last season and who came from a relegated team. Hardly looking rosy is it? If we get to 10 points before Xmas i'll be shocked.
We are going down.  End of.  Rest of the season is a complete waste of time.  Thanks Mr. Ashley.  You cnut.
In Rafa we trust

Trying to find a positive in this fiasco and the best i can come up with is that ... if Ashley still craves the TV money then he may invest well in January simply down to our poor start.  Also i genuinely believe that he needs to keep us in the PL if (and i mean a big IF) that he wants to sell us. .... Another theory is that he knows he'll never get anyone here with Rafa's pedigree and he'll have to give him what he needs to keep us up and get Rafa what he wants in January for Rafa to sign a new deal.

You know none of this may be true but then again all of it could. .... Crazy this club.  feck
Tough times what can you say. Typical Newcastle nowadays.

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