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Southampton (a) 27-10-18
[Image: 44891787_10155905862323443_6948895684904...e=5C509DE8]
Think I'll cheer myself up with a nice chiken tikka rogan josh washed down with copious quantities of Chilean red......

And the thought that I've got a ticket for Watford next week!!

Lost It
It was a tough watch. Plenty of effort and organisation but the lack of quality is startling. You can only hope that Rondon can prove himself him training, stay fit, and form a decent partnership with Muto. It's hard to see beyond relegation at the moment because unless the defence have a flawless game, we are always likely to concede, and yet we don't look like scoring a million years.

The bizarre thing is, I'd take all 4 of Southampton's striking options in a heartbeat, and I think all 4 would walk into our starting 11. Yet that's their second 0-0 in a row and the 5th Premier League game in a row where they haven't scored. What a strange league the Premier League can be!
Nice thing is we arent bottom anymore thanks to goal difference. 2 wins and we are sitting pretty at 13th lol. We just have to find those wins.
Well another Sunday of gloom to be had being a TOON supporter is riveting is it not lol My thoughts on the game are not printable and I would end up in the naughty chair for life if I was to describe that performance I think I will just say two words "A Joke"

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Recorded it overnight on Sky & watched it this morning.

Thought the defence did its job but going forward we were sh*te.

Playing Rondon up front and slotting in Muto at No10 instead of Perez would seem our best hope.


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