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I see that cries are going out for the TOON ARMY to boycott the Wolves game on 9th December which is being shown on SKY it is another attack on the fat boy because no matter what his spin doctors say an empty stadium to a worldwide audience would send the message loud and clear that enough is enough and we as supporters want him out ASAP whether it happens is debatable because there is always going to be some who will still go despite the protest. Whilst I am obviously in favour of hurting ma as much as possible and I would love to this happen it's no use if say only 10k stay away it needs to be at least 30k to make a significant statement.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
id be interested in seeing how it goes. Obviously I cant travel to games but seeing a newcastle game without 50k would send at least a very clear message.
Would love it to happen but can't see it somehow.
When I had my season ticket I felt more comfortable commenting on topics like this. As much as I would love this to happen and for the ground to be empty apart from away supporters, it just won't happen. At best you'll end up with 40-45 thousand turning up and the media spinning it as fickle fans turning their back on the club. I question now whether I am in a place to challenge those who still pay their money and turn up, at the end of the day, they work hard during the week to go and support the team at the weekend.

What's ironic though is that if you did a poll on how many Newcastle fans wanted Ashley to go, you'd end up with what, 95% + saying yes?! Yet if you said to that same 95%, if you didn't turn up for 3 months, you'd force him to sell, I bet less than 10% of those fans would actually do it. There isn't the stomach to get rid of Ashley and there hasn't been since the start of the problems. All that tends to happen around these so called boycotts is the atmosphere is worsened and our fragile group of players use it as an excuse to bottle it and throw in the towel.

Ashley couldn't have picked a better club to do this to as if this was Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and I'd suggest even Liverpool, there would be a huge organised push to get rid and fans emptying their respective grounds in droves. It's desperation stakes for us now though, Rafa likely won't walk before the summer as he is not going to throw his salary away, and yet it seems like he has lost the motivational factor he has had in previous seasons and tactically we look a shadow of what we did even 8 months a go.

The bottom line remains the same though, to get rid of Ashley the fans needs to stop turning up, stop spending money in Sports Direct, stop spending money in the club shop and when the media swoop in, do nothing but call for his head. Fan groups have tried to organise bits here and there, however small portions of fans singing a few songs and dragging a few bedsheets around before and after the games will do nothing but give the greedy, horrible b*st*rd a few giggles, and sadly, that's all these boycotts ultimately end up being.
Good post Ghost and probably maybe almost right..... but what i will say is that because of fans actions outside his shops etc have actually damaged him massively. His stock at SD has took a huge blow and his shareholders are up in arms. We are getting to him through his baby SD and surely as things are going his board members will be begging him to sell his toy so his greater empire doesn't get damaged further.
Dead on Ghost. Couldnt agree more.

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