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Brighton (h)
well we should get a goal at some point. Its been all us since they scored. ugly game honestly.
Think he should have replaced Perez with Joselu in all honesty.
Honestly if you werent concerned before now, you are after today. If you still aren't, you either are delusional or have a picture of the word OPTIMISM hanging about your bed.
WTF does Yedlin have to do to get a pass to him?
We are definitely going down at the end of this season;  Ashley has completely corrupted this club and it now carries the foulest of stenches.
Well, 9 games to go. Unless something drastically changes cant see us getting much. Honestly we need a win and right now I cant see where it comes from. Bottom of the table and only 2 points going into the end of October is not good.
What can you say other than absolutely dreadful.
If we can't beat Brighton, who CAN we beat?

I don't think we can beat anyone right now Mick. I honestly think we are the worst side in the league. We can't defend when we need to and we can't create or score. We have a manager on his way out and a fragile confidence which has spread through the entire squad. I don't see a light at the end of this tunnel sadly, not without a major change of personnel somewhere.

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