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Brighton (h)
Even if I have to turn up with me boots - this has to be 3 points

You would think so Mick but anything is possible or should i say impossible with this lot.  feck
The good thing is that BHA have an abysmal away record. However they are a solid team. I want to say 3 points for us, and if we play like we did vs ManU in the first half we should get it. However a draw is more likely I think.

We are running out of time regardless. Less than 20 points before New Years will see us drop without some kind of super run afterwards.
I am not panicking just yet, concerned yes, but I do think for once we might just win this game as has been said before if we play as we did in the first half of the mu game then we should win hands doon, however, they have to do that for 90 mins, not 45 mins they all have to commit themselves to the cause.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.
Our record in "must win" games is outstanding over the last couple of seasons. 2-0 to us.
I'm not panicking either; I'm resigned and I don't really care any more.  0 - 1 the "mighty" Seagulls.
Matchday. Big game for us. Hopefully we can get something from this. I dont see any changes from the team that started vs ManU. HWTL
[Image: brighton.png]
0 - 1.  There you go.
Not surprised. This game looks like it going to be more a game of volleyball than a game of football. Just sloppy all around so far.

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