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Manure Away
I knew that we would never be that free and imposing in the 2nd half unless the manure players had had enough of Mourinho .... he obviously said enough to inspire them at half time. We were still well in it until that ridiculous nothing challenge by Diame outside the box. 

I have to admit i'm gutted tonight .... but i have to also say that i'm always weary when we go ahead so early on.

If we had taken another of our 1st half chances then i really think that they couldn't and wouldn't of even bothered of recovering.

I've been raging for hours so kept away from here for a few hours but i've stopped smashing the house up and torturing everybody around me.

Anyhow........ that 1st half performance proves that we can get at teams and look offensive which makes a refreshing change. 

Glad to have seen Muto with proper game time and for me he has to play..... even if thats with or without Perez ... he just has to play.

I could even see Rondon and Muto being quite useful if they could get on the pitch for a decent run of games.

Well thats me being as positive as i possibly can when i only wanna kick the cat.......... just as well i don't have a cat .... it would be on the feckin moon.  Lost It
I know what you mean, i was about in tears with my wifey.

I agree on Muto, he needs to play. I dont look at him as the next Alan Shearer or even a Demba Ba figure, but I see him as a solid "if he gets the chance, he will convert 85% of the time" forward that works hard.

A difference in quality was evident today, in the second half that is. Normally a team with that much star power wouldnt have given us a sniff but Manure is like us in a way right now. Whatever Mourinho said to them got their heads on straight for the second half, and coming from an understudy of Sir Bobby, thats understandable.

The bigger point is if we do what we did in the first half the whole game, verse lesser opponents, we will pick up points. Most teams would not have comeback from that and for how utterly heartbreaking it is for us, if we can see that, it gives some hope.
Standard at NUFC wasn't it? Even at 2-0 and cruising I was saying we'll feck this up.

Positives? Mutu looks like a player.
(08-10-2018, 10:28 AM)mickyquinnstache Wrote: Standard at NUFC wasn't it?  Even at 2-0 and cruising I was saying we'll feck this up.

Positives?  Mutu looks like a player.

I actually told my wife that whoever scored the next goal would win the game. And then ManU got 1 and that was it from there. 

Muto wont be some world-beater, but he will be a solid forward.

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