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Manure Away
[Image: Do1cWifX4AEkGNL.png:large]
Manquilo frightens the life out of me  Lost It

Be interesting to see how Muto gets on - he's a tidy player

Looking forward to see Muto get a proper run out.
Muto looks great .... his movement and quick thinking has maure all over the place
Happy enough with that 1st half. Just don't get silly and we've got this
feck feck feck  ....... i feckin give up
What's the one thing you don't do when you are up against a struggling side? Give them any opportunity back into the game. What does Diame do? Gives away the cheapest free kick you will see all season and the moment that went in I knew it was game over. What a brain dead moron, as thick as pig sh*t, in a game we were still on to win. If they hadn't have scored then, they wouldn't have had the lift they needed. After that it was classic NUFC, throw away even a chance to take a point.
Decent performance, particularly first half, but unsurprisingly, Man U are better than us.  Mind, if we'd taken one or two of the other chances that had come our way (you know, the ones that turned into passes back to their keeper)...
What Ghostie and Eeeeeeeeeen said 

We could have scored 5 in the first half

But to be fair, they could have done the same in the second half


We looked good in the first half and like Newcastle United in the second LOL!

Pretty much what i expected once they got their first goal, but overall i saw some life in this team.

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