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Crystal Palace
What do you all think? 

Im going to say I would be happy with a draw, but we could really use 3 points from this
(22-09-2018, 02:45 PM)cg40k Wrote: What do you all think? 

Im going to say I would be happy with a draw, but we could really use 3 points from this

Hi Chris

Great to see you post again, mate  Big Grin

Hope all is well with you

Apart from LeJeune - is this our strongest side?

[Image: palace.png]
Poor game.
Our defence earned us a point,especially Fernandez.
Nothing going forward. 
Joselu gave more than Rondon.
Ends run of defeats.
Depressing..... nothing new.
"The club can never go anywhere under Mike Ashley. I promise you that." Kevin Keegan.
In all honesty that was our strongest side available and thats really as good as it's gonna get. I'll be blunt and say that this away fixture wasn't gonna be easy and i'd of took a point before the game .... but i'm concerned of the fact that we don't score goals.  feck
This is going to be a long hard season. We are really poor in attack. No idea where the next win is coming from.
Thanks Mick. Good to be back.
Yeah about as good as its going to get yesterday. Fernandez looked great. Thats about it. If we can get draws vs teams like crystal palace and get wins vs cardiff/burnley/huddersfield we should be safe. Defensively we should only get better. Offense-wise we will struggle. I dont see any of our attacking options other than Muto starting in the top 15 in the EPL. And all weve pretty much done with him is play him out of position.

Best we can hope for is a new owner to come soon.
As for our strongest side Mick I would say this is it tactically speaking


Yedlin - Las - Fern - Dummet

Ritchie - Shev - Ki - Diame

Muto - Joselu

To me this is our strongest side defensively and tactically. I dont rate Kenedy, though he is extremely talented. Not saying he isnt good, but we need some graff for this season, and he doesnt have that. I also dont rate Rondon, though he fits well in Rafa's style. I follow Zenit in the RPL, Rondon was there and never impressed me.

Muto is someone we should be more concerned with getting time. He could be something special, works hard, and is unselfish with the ball. Given time and playing in the striker position, i would bet on him getting 10+ goals, especially if paired with Joselu or Perez.
This is getting so frustrating every weekend we all pick the meat off the bone, so to speak, about the team the tactics and who should play unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that whichever side we put out they as a team are simply not good enough, last season we played with spirit and a never say die attitude where has that gone? we are in deep doo doo and without a great slice of luck, we may be facing the Chumpionship next season and more turmoil at SJP. 

We all hope and pray that fat boy goes forth and multiplies and that the TOON is sold to proper owners but I have become disillusioned with the whole process. I am not asking for much but all I want is to be able to wake up the following day after the match with a smile on my face. 

Sorry for the rant folks just PO.

feck feck feck


"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.

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