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Arsenal (H)
Really thought we would get a result here

But what do I know

Same old Toon
We have been awful in the second half.  Quite why Rafa picked the bench he did and then didn't use it, only he will know, but the lack of goal scoring opportunities, despite our good play in the first half, surely warranted earlier (and different), changes from the ones we got.  Why is Rondon at this club if Rafa would rather play Joselu than him?  I'm not criticising Joselu, but if Rafa doesn't think that bringing on Rondon is going to alter the way we approach the game then Rondon is pretty much redundant.  Or does Rafa only think in terms of one kind of offensive play?  Is the defensive mastermind in fact pretty dumb when it comes to attacking football?  Discuss.
Utterly, utterly dreadful second half.

Crap team selection
Crap substitutions
Team devoid of ideas...
...Fans sing about Ashley

Benitez has the easiest ticket in English football. He wins a game, no other manager could do that with this squad of players. He loses a game with a rubbish team setup and a complete inability to make good substitutions (this dates back to his time at Liverpool) and it's Ashley's fault.

I said it the other week but it stinks at the moment, it smacks of something far greater going on behind the scenes. We have a manager who will be gone by the summer playing out his final 12 months and a group of players that are playing like they know that's going to happen. The spirit has gone, the fight has gone, we are just 11 bodies again, standing roughly in positions where they are told to stand, with none of them willing to commit that extra 10% to get us a goal or create a chance.

He's been great for us since we signed him but I honestly think Dubravka should save both those shots. The free kick was not in the corner and although it went through bodies, Ozil's shot is straight down the middle and not with a huge amount of pace. I didn't think or want Hayden to play again after the Cardiff game, he is slow, crap at defending, crap going forward and he wants away from the club. He must be digging up some huge trees in training to justify his place in the starting 11.

It's a proper kick in the sack when you consider Arsenal are a half baked team with a crap defence and an average midfield. They were there for the taking with just a bit of quality in midfield. What does Benitez do? Leaves our best midfielder and forward on the bench and then substitutes the only other player we have who does anything productive going forward.

Sick of watching this crap.
I think Hayden was only selected because it was against his old club as he really isn't very good and i doubt he ever will be of PL standard. 

The game was screaming out for Shelvey's creativity and although he's had a slight thigh injury he must still be match fit if he's on the bench.

I'm totally baffled.  Lost It
Agree with the above. Crap selection. Poor subs. Poor effort second half. If this had been a Pardew game he would have bee crucified. I'm starting to get that sinking feeling.
A game of Jekyll and Hyde for me.

First half looked fine, even slightly better early. Second half they trounced us

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