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Arsenal (H)
Rafa saying we can be more attack minded for this game..... i'm all for it .... what do you lot think ?
To be honest we could and probably should have been more attack minded at home to Chelsea, so I very much hope that we are when we host Arsenal.  I sometimes think that Rafa is too concerned about what the opposition can do when he decides on his tactics.  The truth is that, notwithstanding the fact of better and worse teams in the league, each game is an unknown before it is played.  If you approach Chelsea like they are some kind of footballing irresistible force, putting ten men behind the ball and inviting them to attack you for 90 minutes, then that's what they'll do and that's what they will seem to be.  In fact, if you employ those tactics against any team in this division, the result will be the same; you're going to make them look like Barca in their pomp.  Rafa needs to grow a pair and stop sending us out to play like the opposition are world-beaters every week (I detected far too much 'respect' for or 'fear' of Cardiff the other week in the way we were set up, something that they did not warrant).  As I posted elsewhere, there are many factors beyond the control of the manager and sometimes even the players, that can lose a football match.  There's only one way to win a football match and that involves putting the ball in the opposition net more times than they put it in yours; not every match has to finish 0-0 or 0-1.
If Ritchie and Uncle Fester are fit, I'm sure we'll have a more attacking side out.

Think we might win this one!

One thing is certain, we won't win many games with eleven men behind the ball all of the time. I do get him trying to snatch a point away at massive citeh. But we should be trying to have a go at home games. He knows more aboiut it that me though so I'm willing to trust him.
Depends how much you rate the "new" Arsenal.

I've yet to be convinced they've changed much and still have the soft centre.

I'm with Mick on this one. Get Ritchie and Shelvey back in, show some fight and passion and we can win.

Tight 2-1 for me.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
Thats what i recon. 2-1.

Think we'll sit deep to start with and catch them on the break. Can see us being more expansive as the game goes on.
My understanding is that Rondon and Yedlin won't start because they have just come back from international duties in the USA, I am also led to believe that Kenedy is carrying an injury so he may be out also. I am optimistic about today's game and I would take a 1-0 victory HWTL.

"Everyones Got To Believe In Something. I Believe Ill Have Another Beer" W C Fields.

[Image: arsenal-team.png]
We've looked lively, if rarely threatening and we've done a good job of keeping Arsenal quiet so far.  Nice to see us play a bit of football - we can do it if we want to - but need to alter our approach or personnel up front if we want to get a goal.
You know you're doing something wrong when Mesut "Is It 'Cos I Is Turkish" Ozil scores against you.  Architects of our own downfall here I'm afraid.

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