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F.A Cup
Well as it seems this would be our only chance of any glory this season.... will Rafa remain sticking his fingers up to the regime and field a weak side to say ....look this is what we have.... or do we go for it ?
I hope we go for it. Depends on the draw I guess.
Forest away in the league cup was good mind wasn't it!

Half day off work, travel etc and all for that bollox.

Given the level of opposition it just proved we have zero depth in our squad.

Our only real hope for the FA cup is that we are handed some real money in January and we manage to negotiate the early rounds before we spend it.
Likelihood would be low I guess but we can all dream.
Still can't beat the feel of the FA cup for me, but so many other fans couldn't care less.
I was at Chelsea last season and most of their fans didn't even bother to go.
Fair enough, we are not a big draw these days, but it the cup ffs.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.
To be honest I'm happy to settle for second in the league and the semi's of the cup this season.  Don't think we'll win it this year.   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
With current depth of squad, I cant see us making it far in the FA. Im of the thought of focusing on league at this stage.
We'll lose our first game to Little Pinchmybottom over 60s Soccer Club, at home in a crushingly dull 0 - 1 reverse where we defend resolutely for 89 minutes only to be undone by a bizarre refereeing decision involving a pigeon and the momentary distraction of our goalie whose heroics will have thus far kept us in the game against the determined efforts of Pinchmybottom's 65 year old legendary striker Matt Bearskin.  Rafa will be pleased with the Newcastle players' commitment and rue the official's crucial errors in the game.
Cant see us even trying a go at it. Squad is just not deep enough. IMO, and this sounds terrible I know, focus on the league and staying up.

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