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Forest (a) League Cup
[Image: DlyLkgPXoAIqV3U.png]
Ho hum.  Missed the start; missed Forest's first goal. 1 - 0.
Darlow started to come for the cross then chickened out.

Easy header for Murphy
Christ this is boring, embarrassing, puzzling, insulting and generally sh*t.
Another painful 45 minute watch.

I am hoping this is just a hangover from the summer off as right now we look poor at the back and useless in attack. The midfield is neither here nor there, half hearted and severely lacking quality.

The again the season is going exactly as Fat Mike wants it. Profit in the transfer window, out of the cup in the first round. It's the blue print for a classic Mike Ashley season.

Another thing, we have Rondon who needs games, against a side where he could score and get some confidence, yet we go with Joselu?! I don't understand Benitez at times, he makes absolutely baffling decisions.
Why does Karl Darlow make everything he does look so difficult?
Oh the irony!  Commentator talking about Jack Colback not being eligible to play as if that is somehow putting Forest at a disadvantage.  How I laughed.
Rafa Benitez is starting to get on my tits.  The substitutions?  What's the fecking point?

All 3 goals down to Darlow.
What a shower of sh*te.

I'd even question the fight and desire tonight. No wonder Ki didn't feature for Swansea in a relegation battle, he is pathetic. We look awful, absolutely awful this season.

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