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Totts (h)
[Image: totts.png]
I saw Joselu and nearly cried.

What in the feck.
Aye but without him we’d be 2 down ‘stead of one. Given that our new strikers had very very limited time to train it wasn’t really a surprise to see him get the start. Same with Clarke in defence. I’m sure we’ll get a cameo by a new player.

Hope we see Ki for Diame as well.
The darlings of the London media are a bunch of dirty b*stards aren't they?  And there was me thinking it was just Vertonghen...
He didn't do enough last season to even make the match day squad this season.

He has done alright but the game is crying out for Ki to come on to help out with the midfield. We are still in the game, but I feel their 5 man midfield is over running ours. Diame has been poor so far which doesn't help, he looks tired and sluggish.
Maybe Diame needs another Lascelles lamping? We’re creating again, like last season, but we need someone clinical up front.... i don’ think that’s Rondon in fairness, i’ve no doubt he’s a good player and will bring something to our team but I don’t see him banging them in like we need.
Looks as if it's going to be the same old slog as last season.  Mostly chasing games because we don't have enough goals in us.
We were unlucky, but it was a very familiar story to last season. We create enough chances to get more from games but don't take them.

I think Benitez continued love affair with Atsu needs to come to an end. The lad is average at best and Ritchie was our main threat today. Looking at Ritchie kicking off on the bench said it all really. It's really strange when managers have a set list of players who they seem to pick on. Atsu does nothing but get tackled and run down blind alleys, yet we brought on someone who could capitalise on Ritchie's delivery, but the took Ritchie off. I haven't liked Rafa's substitutions since he took over, he makes odd decisions at odd times, and today was no exception.

There is hope for the season though, we deserved a point today at least.
I was puzzled by the Ritchie substitution I wondered if it had something to do with his being down a few minutes earlier or maybe he was getting wound up and Rafa thought he might get a card? I dunno. I honestly think Atsu is one of those players Rafa would get rid of if he could bring in another winger (I don’t think he would have signed Atsu permanently If he could have convinced Gouff to stay and that says a lot about Atsu). He’s definitely one of the players I think about as being championship level.

I think we definitely could have had a point today with a bit more shooting accuracy or luck and maybe even three points. We were let down by a lack of precision in the box and that is definitely the same as last season. There were some really good chances that we fluffed. We also looked sloppy at the back.

Any idea what the news is on Yedlin btw? It seemed bad when he went off.
We have Murphy though and that is what makes it even more bizarre. I honestly think Atsu is crap. Not sure which station you watched it on, but on Sky it showed Ritchie going mad and being substituted. Even more strange though is that we were willing to sell Ritchie, yet he was out best player today and one of our best players last season.

It looked like a knee injury for Yedlin, he extended his leg at the end of the game and didn't recover from it. He was bloody awful today mind, his marking of Alli was atrocious.

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