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Back for another season on loan deal


Rock On
Well this puts us back to where we were at the end of last season.... now can we kick on and improve our squad?
I see we have no option to buy after the season finishes for Kenedy, tells us all we need to know about Ashley. So we now have a loan, a free agent and a £4m goalkeeper....... last of the big spenders.
Given that we had a limited amount of time n which to buy said GK at the agreed price I think it’s fair to say that even Ashley wouldn’t be stupid enough to pass up an opportunity to buy someone clearly worth more than the agreed fee and that it’s more likely he is seen as an investment that will create a clear profit in a year or so when Woodman has more experience,

As it stands (with Merino on his way out thanks to a release clause) we are struggling to stand still so far in this transfer window let alone strengthen.

Is it a surprise that we would agree a loan with no option to buy? No. Is it surprising that the man who reportedly said he would give no transfer budget until Rafa signs a new deal has so far (in the absence of Rafa signing) only really extended a loan on Kennedy and brought in a free transfer signing whilst meeting a very very small and fortuitous fee for a keeper that saved our bacon last seaon? No.

This is Ashleys NUFC and he will do as he pleases and we all know what pleases Ashley.

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