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Sale of the club
TALKSPORT are reporting that with Mike Ashley bumping up his asking price to £400m for the club, that Amanda Staveley and PCP Partners are not prepared to pay that kind of fee !...
It was only 24hrs earlier when TALKSPORT reported that Ashley was looking for an American buyer and that Mike Ashley was on holiday ?

Ñow we are led to believe that Rafa Benitez needs to be worried by the news that there is NO potential buyer at this moment in time ?
( WAS THERE EVER GOING TO BE A SALE OF THE CLUB ? ANSWER NO ) time and time again Mike Ashley plays the fans of this club and its manager and neither deserve it !

Getting back to said article (talksport) they now believe that Mike Ashley will take the club off the market ?
This has now thrown up in the air Rafa Benitez future at the club , talksport said this should worry Rafa Benitez .....what about the fans i can tell you now it worrys them more .......

When things need addressed then Ashley vanishes ..oh aye on holiday ,this fat maggot has no interest in the club the fans or its manager !!!

How many toon fans believe this club was up for SALE ?
It's for sale in the same way my favourite jumper is for sale. If someone offered me 5 grand for it, they could have it.

In real world terms, the club isn't for sale, and Ashley is here to stay.
If it was really for sale Staveley would already own the club. There cannot be anyone ready to pay £400m this year when there was no one ready to pay £350m in september last year. The club was overpriced then and is waaaaay over priced now.

I think we’ll get rid of ashley in one of three ways: his arrest - i’m 100% sure he is guilty of some unlawful business practices. His death - no i’m not suggesting anyone try to bump him off. Or lastly we do a sunderland and plummet so far down the leagues that the benefits of the advertising he gets disappears.

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