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Rafa .... a wanted man.
Wet spam want Rafa to replace Moyes and apparently Ashley has a £6m clause in Rafa's contract if anyone comes knocking for him.
This could actually be the news that puts us out of our misery. This could be the trigger point to get some sort of transfer budget sorted, however small, and Rafa on a new contract. If Rafa says he wants to leave, then we know Ashley has said there is nothing to spend and there is no real future for the club.

It was always going to happen, I was quite glad when I saw the news, as it will prevent our prolonged agony this summer. My only worry is that West Ham might have had a heads up in advance from Rafa's people and that's why they decided not to extend Moyes' contract.

I'd rather it was sorted one way or another at this side of the summer, and then we are not sat waiting.
Maybe just cynical but i can see this happening, they’re ready to give whatever he wants and he knows Ash will give him nothing.
Not sure he would go there to be honest. Hardly a powerhouse of the game are they? If it was Arsenal then I'd be worried.
Wet spam now saying that they were 2 hours from signing Rafa previously and they had everything agreed but Real Madrid came in for him. This doesn't look good folks.
Put the pieces together:

Rafa wants investment if he is to take us any further forward

Ashley is on public record as saying he's not able to fund the serious investment needed to take the club to the next level

Ashley knows that no matter what he does, no matter how angry he makes the fans, 52,000 still turn up like idiots and give him the money

West Ham pay 50p a week for a posh ground that we, the taxpayers, paid for - so have money to burn

West Ham's co-chairman is a personal friend of Rafa - so Rafa can trust any promises he makes

Ashley has spotted that big fat Sam and Moyes are looking for a new challenge - both have proven track records of keeping clubs in the Prem League without spending too much

Thats what worried me mick. People talk about the club being worth more if rafa is here so ash won’t let him go. To me rafa being at the club is just a hassle for ash if he isn’t selling it and it doesn’t look like he’s seriously trying to sell it. There are managers out there that could deliver 17th each season and cost a lot less than rafa and give less "hassle" over the state of the club than rafa. We all know 17th is the ambition under ashley, all he wants is his shoddy signs on tv.

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