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Chelsea (h)
What a way of finish off a season that not many gave us a chance in. To finish top 10 with those group of players without a decent striker is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks to the hard work of a solid unit of players and quality guidance of a very good football tactician in Rafa .
(13-05-2018, 05:30 PM)Eeeeen Wrote: Oh yeah.  I also predicted that top 10 was beyond us.  I should keep my ignorant, faithless mouth shut really.  But I'm so happy.  Do you realise what we've done!!??????

Now say "i’ll bet rafa leaves, ashley stays and we win no trophies next season......"

That’ll see us right  LOL!
First home game I've been to in ages. Solid performance all round. I thought Diame was exceptional again. Perez always impresses me, not just the goals recently but the lad just never stops running.

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