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Southgate snub.
I know a lot of you have little interest in England and i understand that after years of (no Shows) in major tournaments etc but what the hell do Shelvey and Lascelles have to do to get on that plane to Russia.

The selfish side of me is pleased that they get overlooked but i believe that hard work and quality should be rewarded, there isn't a player in the England squad that does what Shelvey does and Lascelles has to be one of the best English CB's in the PL.  scratch
It’s something that must be considered by players that want to play international football and it may put players off, that unfortunately, would be bad for us. I’m just as happy they aren’t going but i can see how it could be bad for us long term.

I’m actually surprised that we haven’t pulled out of the cup given the political ongoings but hey ho.
I agree Alan .... Russia is a very dangerous place for our fans to go, but if i'm honest from what i saw of our fans in Holland on our latest friendly then i don't mind admitting that whatever they meet in Russia will probably be what they deserve. Me personally i wouldn't go there if all my tickets were free, my accommodation was paid for and i was handed £1000 spending money.  

But as for the team that will face no violence i believe that our 2 lads deserve to be there on merit.
They should definetely be in the squad. Lascelles is as good if not better than our other CB's. Shelvey has vision and passing ability that no other squad member has. If they were at West Ham they would be going. Says everything for the selection process really.

As for it being held in Russia? Big mistake. Their will definetely be problems. The FIFA corruption is going to come back to haunt them.

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