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And Relax!
Well gang

There's nothing we can do this wekend but sit back and relax, as hopefully results are good for us.........

Bournemouth v West Brom

Huddersfield v Palace

Stoke v Everton

Liverpool v Watford

It's a tough one to call as to which way I want it to go...

Do we get greedy and hope West Brom beat Bournemouth, in the hope we can climb above them? Or do we just want West Brom officially dead and buried so we can just stay above float.

Huddersfield v Palace, similar to above, although a draw here would probably suit us all round.

Everton obviously against Stoke and then Liverpool to beat Watford (which they will).

The Southampton win was absolutely massive, it's really give us the cushion we needed going into this break.
For me it’s either hoping for drawers or hoping the lower placed teams lose. I’d like to be mathematically safe as quickly as possible, then i can start playing the "if they lose we can leapfrog them" game. I’m just the type of person that doesn’t want to get too excited until something is nailed on, especially at a club where we frequently have the rug pulled from under us.
Liverpool will beat Watford
Everton i hope beat Stoke
Looking for a draw with Huddersfield v Palace
And as i'm greedy i hope WBA beat Bournemouth in order for us to gain ground, but i can't see it going that way but here's hoping.

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