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Merino talking point
Saw this and thought it may spark a talking point on him.....

Merino suddenly crap ?
Errr, hell no !!
He is the player we will build our team around across the next couple of years. He has been injured recently, he has not had a proper run, he is in a new league and is very very young.

Hopefully he will start next week too against weaker opposition as if he doesn’t get games I fear he will be off in the summer to become a top top player somewhere else.
Shelvey has had about three good games this season to my memory. When Shelvey starts I would love to see Merino in the No 10 slot. He twists and turns and makes clever passes and has an eye for goal
He is a fabulous talent
Is it just me or is that very dark text on a black background? If it’s not just me can you re-post it? I can’t read it on my tablet.

If you highlight it, it becomes visible.
I don't think he's a number 10. He has the potential to be a very good central midfielder. Trouble is we're in a scrap for survival and its hard for young players to express themselves and develop when every mistake is highlighted.
i've looked at our fixtures and i think we're going down - cant see where we'll pick up points.

oh - i also think that Rafa'll go to Arsenal

finally - a word for our moronic away 'support'.

(05-03-2018, 10:53 AM)Eeeeen Wrote: If you highlight it, it becomes visible.

Nah that doesn’t work, on my tablet at least. Anyway i copied and pasted it into a notepad app to read. 

I’m not so sure about the number 10 thing either tbh, he’s got a good eye for a pass not the same kind as Shelvey but often more intelligent from what i’ve seen but to use a pass you need players to pass to and our no 10 is often the only real outlet up there. It’s the same with Shelvey, his skill is long passes, no good if you’re high up the pitch as there’s no one to pass to. 

I think Merino will come good with time, unless Ash cashes in on him in the summer.
I pm'd Mick about the dark text and asked if the could sort it as he is the tech guy.  Big Grin
(05-03-2018, 03:04 PM)Boydie Wrote: I pm'd Mick about the dark text and asked if the could sort it as he is the tech guy.  Big Grin

Sorry Boydie - just caught up with this!

If it happens again, just highlight the text after you've typed it, then click on the colour selector (see arrow in diag below) above your text and choose what colour you want the text to be.....

[Image: Boydie2.png]

Good on ya Mick!
(05-03-2018, 12:10 PM)tattyheed Wrote: i've looked at our fixtures and i think we're going down - cant see where we'll pick up points.


West Brom
Arsenal (definitely nothing to play for)
Chelsea (potentially nothing to play for on the last game of the season) 

All of the above at home and you don't see where we will pick up points?! I think we have every chance of getting another 7-9 points for the remaining fixtures and just scraping through. We are not losing games, we are drawing a lot, but when Slimani eventually limps back from injury, he could well end up having a definitive say on our end of season run in. I see plenty of games where we can pick up points, whether we will or not is another matter.

With regard to Merino, really liked him at first, I don't think his time in the team post injury did him or us any favours, and clearly since then Rafa has spotted something he doesn't like.

I thought he did okay against Liverpool, but it seems he is cursed with the same problems as Shelvey in that he switches off and doesn't track back. He was practically level with Mane on the half way line for Liverpool's second goal, and just jogged back at his own leisure. Having said that, there is definitely a player in there, it's just a time in the season where it's almost sink or swim, and as Rafa, do you take the risk with someone who hasn't really done enough this season to warrant a place in the side, or do you stick with Diame and Shelvey?! I agree Merino isn't a number 10 and his best work seems to be done picking the ball up deep in midfield.

For Merino to succeed here properly, I feel there is an exceptional list of circumstances that need to occur. Firstly we need to stay up, secondly we need a takeover and thirdly we need Rafa to stay. With extra time and experience gained from playing, on top of playing alongside better players, I can see Merino developing into a really tidy footballer. He is certainly one you'd feel you had let go if he goes somewhere else. At one club or another in his career, he will succeed, I am sure of it.

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