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Liverpool (a)
Totally agree Ghost. Sure sometimes i wonder what Rafa is up to with subs and the likes but the limits of this squad mean all he can do is play defensively and hope to nick a goal from an opposition error. We need a change in policy a change in ownership and a large change in club infrastructure and squad. We can just hope we stay up and get those things.
What we witnessed today was a far too familiar tale of what we are all about and what we are incapable of doing and that's trying our best to be tight and stifle teams while hoping that we can hang on for one moment in the game to burst forward on the counter and nick a goal. We have a piss poor front line which makes that much more difficult to pull off and very poor replacements when things aren't working....... Same old same old..... Not Rafa's or the players faults as it's what we have. Ashley is firmly at fault for everything wrong with our sorry state of affairs and we can only hope that someone makes him an acceptable offer sooner rather than later.

Would it surprise any of you at all if he kept a hold of his gravy train if we stay up for another gamble of staying up next season as one of the bottom clubs again? I wouldn't be surprised but i think it would be without Rafa. I'm sure Ashley has Joe Kinnear's phone number.
I think either Ash goes or Rafa goes, if Rafa goes then we’ll go down again. This squad is staying up beacause if Rafa’s training and tactics without them we’d be in a much worse position.

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