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Have we been guilty of not managing our players the right way?
Florian Thauvin scored a hat-trick today against Metz and we already know that HBA can shine if he gets the right treatment from his manager.

Could Mitrovic have shined , Cabella , Saivet etc if the right managerial approach been taken ???

I know for certain that Keegan's squad had plenty of difficult characters but he still managed to get the best out of them whether they needed a kick up the arse or an arm around them.

Not that i want anyone else here but Rafa at this moment in time but what do you lot think ???
Well there’s mismanagement and then there are just bad circumstances that can;t be managed.

Thauvin really, really didn’t want to be here he made that clear before he signed but was oretty much forced out of his club. He’s just scoted a hat-trick (against metz....) but is hardly showing he’s really worth much aside from that in an easy league.

HBA can shine but can also do absolutely nothing, he’s the worst kind of naturally talented but lazy and egotistical player out there. He’s failed everywhere he’s been due to his attitude. Some people are just unmanageable.

That brings us nicely to Mitro. He’s got anger management issues, that’s not something a manager can really help with, he needs therapy and lots of it and even then who knows. He doesn’t appear to want to change in any way. He’s had specialised individual coaching to try and bring out the best in him under rafa and he’s repaying that by being half assed and lazy. Is he even a good player? His striking is terrible, his hold up play is decent but could - should for his build- be a whole lot better and his athleticism is fairly poor for a pro footballer. Are there things that could change? Sure there are but only if he wanted to try and currently he doesn’t.

Cabella? Maybe he could have worked out but again he hasn’t gone on to dominate a weak league.

Saivet? Saivet isn’t a good footballer, never was, never will be. He’s okay. He’ll be an ok player in a lower league. No amount of management and training will ever make him a world beater he just hasn’t got it in him.

Here’s a question for you. Is the problem that players have been mismanaged or is it that when we sign these players from abroad that the club and local press hype them out of all proportion and so fans expect them to come in and do a job? I don’t know about mitro before hand but all of the french lads we’ve signed have been overhyped by the chronicle and club and had no where near the good reputation amongst french football fans i spoke to that the afore mentioned made out they had. Hba and thauvin for example were both considered to be people that had already wasted their careers even at a young age. Saivet was a failed winger that was doing ok as cover in a dm role but nothing special. The only player we’ve signed that had a good rep was cabaye and he was still good even under pards.
Managers see the players every day .If a player doesn't train well he shouldn't be picked .If he is a striker for example and his shooting in training and overall training is the worst of all the strikers he shouldn't be playing and should be sold .yes I'm talking about mitro but that applys to everyone .Take colback he was asked to do something he turned the boss down trying to be clever .Rafa deçided he couldn't be around the first team.I personally think that is good management.
I think you could go on and on ,what I would say is we've bought a lot of ordinary players over the years under different managers and Rafa I trying to sort the club out but his hands are very much tied by Ashley .sels the goalkeeper had a huge confidence problem in front of big crowds so he was shipped out .thauvin didn't want to be here cabbage was sold just to cash in and I think that is another problem managers have under this regime ,how can you build a squad when your better players are being sold
I think we all question managers at times, regardless of their stature and records.

There are so many things to like and admire about Rafa, but that doesn't make him perfect.

Situations with Mitro, Colback and Mbemba are all meant to be down to attitude issues.
The manager is in charge so they do as he says or they don't play.
Only one winner there.

Then I look at situations like Murphy.
Rafa continues to play Atsu ahead of him when he's quite clearly been dreadful for months now.
Every time Murphy plays he gets better.

Good management in terms of keeping his feet on the ground?
A fine dividing line imo.
"We are not a stepping stone, we are Newcastle United. Every player should be honoured to wear the shirt of this club" Rafa Benitez.

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