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George Caulkin
George Caulkin, The Times:

"Their most qualified manager for years came to a failing club which had been belittled by its ownership & talked about size, history & potential. 

He stayed after relegation. He got them up. 

He makes genuine efforts to engage with fans/city. He takes on Ashley. It means something"

I know the Times is a tory rag, but this lad is one of us

He’s always been spot on from what i’ve seen.
Top top bloke.

It was in reply to some Telegraph tosser journalist slagging Rafa and us off
Yeah saw that idiots report, slagging off nufc supporters for backing Rafa. That bloke is clearly on some sort of anti rafa trip, not to mention anti nufc. Just spewing bile for no good reason.
Has anyone read his piece today? A good read again. It’s behind a paywall in the paper but if you look hard enough you’ll find it elsewhere and once you’ve redd it you can comment... . I don’t want to copy it as i know that it puts the forum on rocky ground having copywritten stuff pasted.

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