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Done Deal (Allegedly)
I think it was definitely an ashley cronie that called the mail with this exclusive none of it makes sense and the timing is just way too convenient. Ashley’s trying to strengthen his hand, but he’s done that before already, leaking information on a rival bid that was completely made up. I don’t think we’ll see anything until the relegation clause issue is dealt with.
So in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea we’ve had reports from papers that an increased iffer has been made but that ashley is waiting to see how much more money the premier league will take this year and then reports denying that any further bid has been made but that the initial bid is still on the table.

It feels less and less likely that anything will happen on this til the end of the season these days. I hope i’m wrong.
A source close to Mike Ashley: “It is only right to let the fans know that there is no deal on the table - or even under discussion - with Amanda Staveley and PCP. Attempts to reach a deal with A.Staveley & PCP have proved exhausting, frustrating and a complete waste of time.”

Being reported now that deal is definitely off, there will be no sale to Stavely. However the club remains for sale.
Not even remotely shocked.

So we now have a relegation battle to look forward to, no hope for next season, and Benitez gone in the summer.

Fat tw*t strikes again.
Do you think benitez will stay that long? I wouldn’t blame him if his notice was on the desk by the weekend.
I do actually. I know, a strange thing to have something hopeful to say, but I think Benitez would rank keeping this crop of players in the Premier League under this useless, fat waste of space owner as a decent achievement. Whilst I don't believe for one moment there is any loyalty in football, and with Benitez being one of the highest paid managers in Europe, I do believe that he will think that even with 2-3 loan signings, he can probably scrape us 17th place. That way he walks with his head held high after taking over a side heading for relegation, securing promotion at the first time of asking, and then keeping that exact same crop of players in the league in their first season back.

What it does go to show though is that we are not too far away from relegation again. No one is going to buy this club for 350 million pounds, so we are screwed.
(04-01-2018, 05:03 PM)mickyquinnstache Wrote: I might be cynical, but life with Ashley has taught me one thing.... there is always a kick in the bollox just around the corner.  I'm starting to suspect that this isn't going to happen and we will sign nobody in January.

Hate to say it but.....
Interesting piece in the times to counter Ashleys absolutely pathetic attempts at bad mouthing Staveley.

Man’s a liar and a pathetic one at that.
Well well well .3 bids .Ashley tells pure sh*te again

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