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Watford (h)
(25-11-2017, 09:34 PM)Boydie Wrote:
(25-11-2017, 08:58 PM)Eeeeen Wrote: Problem is if press reports are to believed (so that's a big IF), Rafa has already intimated that because of FFP we wont be spending huge amounts in January even if the club is sold.  I'm more concerned that even with two or three much needed additions in January, the confidence of this group of players will be shot to feck by the time we get there.  Watford, a side without the likes of a £95 million Paul Pogba, have just taken us apart at St James' Park; there's no way that these players can be happy with that, not because it was 'just' Watford but because they are good enough not to be embarrassed by any but the very best teams in this league.  At the start of this season I believed that the squad we have was good enough to avoid relegation; nothing more but that was enough.  Two things have changed since then; we have become almost incapable of scoring; and the players have lost focus (see my post elsewhere).  The second of these two things throws the first into sharp relief because defending which we WERE really good at, went some way to make up for the failure to do the first thing i.e. score goals, such that whereas at the start of the season we could absorb pressure, bring teams onto us and strike on the break, now we seem to be conceding whenever teams come at us.  The players are the same the manager is the same but the attitude has changed.  I posted weeks ago that I wondered if the takeover nonsense was having an adverse effect on the team.  Now I am convinced that it is.  The only potentially good thing to come out of this is that players and management and everybody else at the club will realise that we will be in deep, deep sh*t if we don't rediscover our focus, determination and sense of purpose.  Quickly.
This would make a decent blog Mick ^^^^^


Would it be OK to publish your thoughts as above on the blog?

Feel free (ooh er missus!).
(26-11-2017, 01:32 PM)Eeeeen Wrote: Feel free (ooh er missus!).

Congrats Eeeeen - you're now a published author!

Just posted your article - should also show on Newsnow in a few mins


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